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Cool summer around the world


From June 15 to August 18, the summer theme activity "Universal Cool Summer" returned to Beijing Universal Resort, and the "Blockbuster World" officially opened its summer season, combining riding facilities, entertainment performances, theme catering and so on, launched the "Summer Family" into the Play Guide ".

Global cool mainly includes water dance sound wave party, future water world and so on. Visitors can enjoy an immersive water dance party with minions from Illumination Entertainment and celebrity characters such as Po and Alex from DreamWorks Animation. At the same time, for the first time, a new experiential learning project was launched for student groups - Future Water World Special Effects Tour, giving children the opportunity to enter the future water world, explore the scientific secrets of water blasting, and obtain the principles and knowledge behind special effects such as flame, water vapor and mechanical effects. In addition, children can also experience diverse cultures without going abroad. For example, in Hollywood, children can interact closely with classic movie characters such as drama master Charlie Chaplin and explore the source of film culture. On the Jurassic World Island of Nubra, kids can come face to face with prehistoric creatures or get up close and personal with their favorite "dinosaurs."