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Rhythm adventure


Recently, the new live stage performance of Shanghai Disneyland "Rhythm Adventure Journey" officially welcomed the first batch of audience, many media first enjoyed the new audio-visual feast. The show will be open to all park visitors from June 3 to October 7,2024, and visitors do not need to purchase additional tickets.

"Rhythm adventure trip" brings together local characteristic music, big band, hip hop, Latin jazz and pop music such as five different styles of music, ten from Walt Disney animation studio film "sea"  "mulan"  "marionchio"  "cat adventures"  "the lion king" Aladdin "destruction" and Pixar animation studio film "youth metamorphosis" classic songs, lead the audience indulge in beautiful music in the jungle.

Each musical style presented by the performance corresponds to a different repertoire and adventure story, and each story will be interpreted by different Disney friends. This random combination will allow visitors to reap different surprises each time they watch a new performance.