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Campus recruitment in June

          At the beginning of June,waves of heat blow against on the face,a large number of fresh graduates are also about to flood into the social tide.In response to the nation’s call,our company was invited to participate in the campus job fair of Anhui International Business Vocational College to recruit outstanding graduates,so as to solve their employment problems and provide reserve of talents for the company's subsequent development.
        Under the leadership of the administrative manager of our company,the recruitment activity was carried out, introducing the company to the students of the school.After receiving the feedback from students,we timely answered the relevant questions raised by students and put forward relevant suggestions for their future career planning,which gained positive affirmation from students and had a win-win effect.

In this activity,students actively sent resumes to our company and achieved the expected results.The talents are expected to input more fresh blood for our company and inject new vitality into our development.