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New foreign trade policy

           When COVID-19 outbreak of long tail and increasingly complex international environmental is increasingly extensive and far-reaching. China’s foreign trade is also facing demand contraction,supply impact,expected weak triple pressure under the situation,this year’s government work report “import and export stability””more measures and stable foreign trade”and other new foreign trade policy.Focusing on small,medium and micro foreign trade enterprises,take a series of measures to strengthen the support for small,medium and micro foreign trade enterprises,expand the coverage of export credit insurance for small,medium and micro foreign trade enterprises;strengthen export credit support,optimize foreign exchange services; tax reduction and tax refund simultaneously,accelerate the progress of export tax rebate ,and help micro foreign trade enterprises to stabilize orders and production.At the same time,in order to enhance the competitiveness of the foreign trade industry,some policy banks and commercial banks jointly increase the financial resource support for foreign trade enterprises,strengthen the investment in technological innovation and industrial upgrading,and promote the stable and balanced development of the foreign trade industry.

          Sunrise enterprise will seize the opportunity, actively respond to the policy,open up a new bureau in the difficult situation,while pursuing the speed of development,take into account the quality of development, steadily improve the core strength of the enterprise ,and create a new chapter of development.