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To the beloved teacher

        September is a beautiful season which is on behalf of the harvest, we have ushered in the golden Autumn September and the beginning of the school season.The students walked into the campus and into the palace of knowledge;Open a book is opening the horizon of infinite scenery; carry the backpack, towards the ocean of knowledge. 
        Work hard to raise peaches and plums,and work hard to support the pillars.September is the sowing season for the teacher,which is like a red  candle, without sparing to burn himself, give out all the heat, all the light and all the energy. In the journey of life, teachers enrich students' minds, develop students' intelligence and ignite the light of hope for students.Thanks for all the teachers,we whole staff of Sunrise Enterprise are so grateful to you.

         On the occasion of Teachers' Day, all staff of Sunrise Enterprise wish all teachers a happy holiday!