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Be grateful to have you

        Happiness is to have a grateful heart,a health body,a satisfying job,a family member who loves you deeply and a bunch of trusted friends.It is an excellent tradition of people to have “gratitude”.Gratitude is  not only a kind of cultural literacy,a high level of mind , an attitude to life but also a social responsibility.
        August,is the annul gratitude month of Sunrise Enterprise. I hope you will not forget to thank the family members who have been silently  supporting you while working hard. Our company will give employees holidays and give out the gratitude money, so that employees and their family can enjoy this wonderful holidays together. At the same time ,employees can buy supplies for their parents.And our employees will give the company to their parents within their capacity.

        Thank you to having you, thank you for you company.Sunrise Enterprise and employees will strive forward with gratitude!