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Quarterly inventory Strengthen management


      In order to strengthen the management of the company’s fixed assets, ensure the integrity of the company’s asset information, and reflect the balance and utilization status of various assets in a timely and true manner, Sunrise Enterprise recently arranged quarterly inventory work, and personnel from the headquarters administration department went to Yiwu, Ninghai, and Quanzhou. In other places, inventory and inventory of various offices and dormitories are carried out, and the inventory details of various items are accurately grasped, and timely supplements and repairs are made. To strengthen the scientific basis for office management, but also to provide company employees with work and life environmental protection.
      The company has always been in the spirit of humanistic care and inspiring to provide a comfortable environment for every employee. In the future, Sunrise Enterprises will continue to arrange quarterly inventories on a regular basis to provide necessary conditions for the company to grasp losses and discover management loopholes.