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Don't forget the original intention, stride forward


     Only by focusing on one's own deeds and doing business, can you see surprises in the ordinary, and excel in the ordinary. over the past year,we have been busy,keep diligent and cautious, and unswervingly  moved forward with the goal of building Sunrise into a world-class stationery import and export trade and manufacturing brand.
     Time pointer ticking and the festive Spring Festival is gradually sailing away. With the departure of the festival, all aspects of Sunrise have become formal. The company has officially started construction on February 18th, and the factory has also started production. Everyone is guarding their posts conscientiously.
     In the new year, Sunrise Enterprise will adhere to the original intention of "good faith cooperation and Win-Win Future" ,and the business philosophy of "Creating Value with Service, Exploiting the Future with Quality", to overcome obstacles and to continue move forward !