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Focus on R&D and innovation to enhance core competitiveness


      The core of modern enterprise competitiveness is the independent innovation ability of the enterprise. The development of science and technology makes the renewal cycle of the products shorter and shorter. If the enterprise wants to have the driving force for sustainable development, it must  constantly carry out the research and development of new products and the innovation activities of technology and management.
      Sunrise Enterprise knows that innovation and R&D are the inexhaustible driving force for long-term and sustainable development of the enterprise. To this end, we continue to increase investment in product R&D on the original basis, and actively carry out innovation and R&D activities. Constantly research and develop new products with market prospects and competitiveness. With persistent innovation and R&D activities, we stand at the forefront of "I have them when others don't. I have better ones when others have them", keep up with the pace of development of the times, and gain momentum to surpass!

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