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Summary and Prospect


         Time flies. the busy 2020 has passed, and the year of 2021, full of hopes and challenges, is coming quietly. The year 2020 is destined to be a different year. But Sunrise under the epidemic is getting stronger and stronger in this year.On the eve of new year's day, our general manager led all the staff to hold the year-end meeting of 2020, reviewed the total achievements of Sunrise in this year ogether with everyone, and put forward the new plan and outlook for 2021. In this meeting, specific requirements were put forward for each department from the aspects of the company's development advantages, big data, management mode and the cooperation between new and old employees. The purpose is to further improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise in the new year and contribute more to the society.
         Looking back on 2020, we work together work hard and gain together; Looking forward to 2021, we have the same goal and full of confidence, We are looking forwarde to a more brilliant future!All the staff of Sunrise Enterprise wish you a happy New Year, health and safety!