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Reach a strategic partnership with HK ADD Design Co., Ltd.


In order to meet the needs of US and European customers, we cooperate with HK AAD design company, hoping to make better designs to the customers.

Anhui Sunrise Stationery Industrial Co,.Ltd. has constant improvement as time goes on. 24-Jan-2018 is an important historical moment. Anhui Sunrise Stationery Industrial Co.,Ltd. and HK AAD Design Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

HK AAD design company is located in Easey Commercial Building, Hennessy Road,HK, where has convenient transportation and is a exchange center of cultural artistic in Asia. This cooperation has promoted the brand awareness and broadened the market of both sides.

For this cooperation, not only benefit for building sustainable and stable partnership of both sides and seeking complementary advantages and mutual benefit, but also good for long-term development of both sides. We firmly believe that we will go forward hand in hand and bring more surprises and possibilities for our cooperation and development in the future.