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Other trips are only made at Universal Studios


Hollywood, the dream-making machine of mankind, the axis of the world film. In Hollywood movie-making blockbusters, there is no lack of shocking grand scenes. Stepping into Universal Studios, just like entering the movie world, you can not only solve the mystery of special effects shots, but also review the wonderful fragments of classic films and experience all this personally.

Universal Studios Hollywood is a themed amusement park that recreates movie scenes, and its attractions themed several big-budget films are the most popular. It not only introduced "Harry Potter", "Magic World" Hollywood Zone "," Transformers "," Kung Fu Panda "," Future Water World ","Despicable Me "and" Jurassic Park ", but also included daytime float tour and night water performances, but also fully integrated more Chinese elements. Each scenic spot vividly presents popular movie stories and characters to the audience, so that visitors can experience the charm of shuttling back and forth in reality and fantasy.