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Disney -----Guardian of Sweet Dreams


As a globally recognized brand, Disney has not only brought us many classic animation works, but also created numerous adorable cartoon characters. These include Duffy and her friends, LinaBell, OluMel, CookieAnn, StellaLou, Gelatoni and ShellieMay.

LinaBelle, who debuts at Shanghai Disneyland on September 29, 2021, is a pink plush fox girl with big starry blue eyes and a big fluffy fox tail; OluMel is a music-loving, ukulele-playing, green turtle; CookieAnn is a yellow puppy with long fluffy ears and a keen sense of smell; StellaLou is a dancer with a lavender-purple fluffy coat with long ears and cute markings in the shape of Mickey's head, brown and black eyes, and long eyelashes;Gelatoni is a cat painter who wears a beret and loves to paint. ShirleyMay, a bear whose characterization is the same as Duffy Bear, a doll that was first created by Minnie Mouse; Duffy is an original Disney doll character with brown and fluffy fur, a face in the shape of Mickey's head, and brown and black eyes.