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Chinese space station is about to be built

    On September 21, 1992, China's manned space project was officially approved for implementation, code-named "Project 921". Within thirty years, a dream is to become a powerful country by three big steps,.
    The first step is to launch a manned spacecraft, build a preliminary supporting experimental manned spacecraft project, and carry out space application experiments. The second step is to break through the technology of astronauts' out-of-vehicle activities and the rendezvous and docking technology of space vehicles, and launch a space laboratory to solve the problem of space applications with a certain scale and short-term care. The third step is to build a space station to solve the large-scale long-term care of space applications.
    In 2021, the Tianhe core module enters orbit. In 2022, the Tianwen experimental module enter orbit. At the moment, the Mengtian experimental cabin is ready to go. The Chinese space station is scheduled to complete in-orbit construction in 2022, and it is still "one step away" from its completion.
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