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Tomb-sweeping Day

           The annual traditional festival Tomb-sweeping Day is coming, which is a traditional cultural festival of the motherland, and also the most important sacrificial festival.In view of the current special circumstances such as the spread of the epidemic and the increasing of the tranmission risk,our company carried out “civilized sacrifice,green Qingming” as the theme ,carried out civilized sacrifice publicity activities,issued the “,Civilized sacrifice,safe Qingming”proposal,vigorously advocated the modern gratitude concept,civilized memory way,and advocated civilized worship.By carrying out different forms of activities,we will carry forward the rich connotation of “transmitting family affection and inheriting culture”.

          Through this activity, let everyone understand the importance of safety sacrifice, improve the safety awareness of employees, in memory of their ancestors, and ensure their own safety and avoid environmental pollution.Sunrise enterprise actively assume their responsibilities, adhere to the concept of green environmental protection,while pursuing the rapid development of enterprises,do not forget to actively undertake the mission of environmental protection ,while trying to provide customers with satisfactory goods and services ,and establish a green environmental protection image for Chinese brands.