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The 130th Canton Fair

         The 130th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) was held online and offline from October 15 to 19, 2021.The Canton Fair was highly valued by national leaders, and Premier Li Keqiang delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony;China’s president Xi Jinping also pointed out in his congratulatory letter that the Canton Fair has made important contributions to the international trade,the promotion of internal and external Unicom and the promotion of economic development in the past 65 years.
         The Sunrise Enterprise has actively participated in the Canton Fair. In combination with the theme of the fair, our company has made continuous progress and innovation,
         ccurately positioned the needs of buyers, responded to the world economy initiative of the Canton Fair, and actively grasped the historical opportunity.The Sunrise Enterprise

        Will do its best to bulid a world-class import and  export trade brand and create greater value for Chinese brands in the world.