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Trip to Xi'an

        In order to enhance feelings and team cohesion, and reflect the company's employee care, in end of July 2021, the company plan a group outing-a trip to Xi'an. 
        Walking into Xi'an is like walking into a museum of Chinese history: scenic spots and historic sites are dotted around, and rare cultural relics are like stars. The golden plaques and plaques are pleasing to the eye, the ancient huaiqing bricks have a profound artistic conception, and a city is simply a flowing history. Being in it, feeling the influence of history and culture.

        During the play, the employees relax and have the effect of combining work and rest, enhancing mutual emotions and communication and cooperation between departments, and the big family of Sunrise has become more harmonious. I believe that in the future, everyone will actively engage in work with even greater enthusiasm. 

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