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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


        Autumn wind is bleak, and maple leaves bring the news of golden autumn. Every year, August 15th of the lunar calendar is a famous traditional festival in China-Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival symbolizes family reunion. Travellers who are far away from hometown have returned to their home to visit their relatives and get together with families.
        " How can we see the round bright moon? I can just wait for it acompany with wine." Ancient poets have poems chanting Mid-Autumn Festival to express their Sentiment of missing. Sunrise Enterprise also encourages employees to care for their families and cherish their time with their loved ones. Every year, employees are given moon cakes and other holiday gifts at a few days ago of Mid-Autumn Festival, so that employees can enjoy family happiness with their families while enjoying delicious moon cakes. 
        Here, all employees of Sunrise Enterprise wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family!