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New mode of "Internet + Exhibition"


        Due to the influence of the 2019-nCov, the 127th China Import And Export Fair in the spring of 2020 will be held in an innovative way of online live. With the help of the internet, big data, cloud platform and other emerging internet technologies, the fair will help foreign trade enterprises to better carry out international trade and promote the development of foreign trade.
        Holding the China Import And Export Fair online is an innovative measure to actively deal with the impact of the 2019-nCov and stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment. In combination with the current online marketing hot spots and the development trend of new forms of foreign trade, Sunrise Enterprises carry out online live and virtual exhibition to expand cross-border e-commerce and enhance synergy for increasing the popularity of the China Import And Export Fair and achieving better participation effect.
       Sunrise Enterprises pursue innovation, and will launch an online China Import And Export Fair of " special period, special significance, special measures, especially wonderful."