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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    Christmas Day of 2019 has arrived. A big celebration for Christmas has been held by Anhui Sunrise at 2 P.M., Dec. 24th.
    For the success of this celebration, all the staff members have made the best decoration for our office, where were full of a strong Christmas atmosphere and sweet feeling.
    In the process of the celebration, there were several games , which every one enjoyed happily. Our General Manager prepared gifts for each staff. At the end of the celebration, a big cake with best wishes was taken out for all staff to express the best wishes for Christmas.
    Along with the hearty laugh and merry Christmas Carol, every one had a good time. Not only did the celebration add a festival atmosphere to Christmas , but it also further enriched the corporate culture of our company and made the staff more cohesive.
    Finally, Anhui Sunrise wishes all staff a happy and peaceful new year!